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Equine Touch


Developed by Jock and Ivana Ruddock as a safe, gentle, effective muscle release modality that encourages the relief of pain and tension in horses.

UK Association & membership:


Therapist sites:

As a Registered Equine Touch Practitioner, Kate can perform soft tissue bodywork on your horse to assist in a range of conditions. Kate provides lessons in Essex on how to use Equine Touch on your horse. www.kateprowse.co.uk

Rebecca Dale offers the unique and beneficial combination of McTimoney Animal Manipulation and The Equine Touch throughout Cornwall & Devon. Rebecca specialises in horses and dogs. www.therapyforanimals.co.uk

Lesley Evans trained as an Equine Touch therapist. Lesley offers from her base in France several complementary therapies for horses. www.equiwork.com

Training as a Therapist:

Courses in the UK are run throughout 2015 at various locations throughout the UK.

Horse Lovers - Level 1

This covers 3 days intensive hands-on training with certification on completion.

Horse Lovers - Level 2

This builds on the foundation course. The theoretical principles of Equine Touch are discussed.

Practitioner - Level 3

Training as a practitioner can be embarked on after successful completion of Level 1 & 2. Leading to a Practitioner Diploma.

For details of all the courses go to: www.uk.theequinetouch.com

Recommended reading:

To date there are no books written on the subject of Equine Touch.

Article ~ What is Equine Touch by Lesley Evans. www.equinenaturalhealth.co.uk/TH1.htm

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