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Equine Acupressure


The stimulation done by fine needles in acupuncture is done with fingertip pressure in acupressure. The meridian system (energy pathways) in the body has 350 points known as acupuncture or acupressure points. A blockage of energy flow along a meridian results in health problems and disease. Acupressure re-balances Yin & Yang, excess and deficiency.

To locate an acupressure therapist in your area:

Contact Equinenergy: Phone 01277225201

Or visit their site www.equinenergy.com

Interesting Acupressure Therapy sites:

www.animalacupressure.com Site of The Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute dedicated to acupressure for animals. This makes interesting in depth reading on all aspects of acupressure and other areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine for animals.

Sue Scott is a certified Equine Practitioner having successfully completed an examination following a 270 Learning Unit Equine Acupressure Program with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institution. Sue is based in Wales. For more info: www.gaerequine.com

Trudi Higginbotham offers Aromatherapy and Acupressure sessions for pets, enhanced with the other natural healing methods. Trudi originally from Dublin now lives and practises in Southgate, North London. Visit her website for more info: www.naturanimals.com

Training as a Therapist:

Equinenergy offers Acupressure Workshops & Courses in 2015. They are based at Writtle College, Chelmsford, Essex.

Foundation in Equine Acupressure This course is designed to be taken alone as an excellent foundation course, or in preparation for continuing study onto Acupressure Levels 1, 2 & 3 and finally the Progressive Acupressure Series. Course tutor is Diana Thompson.

Progressive Equine Acupressure and Advanced Equine Acupressure are offered with Dr Kerry Ridgway,DVM.

To contact the Equinenergy office: Phone 01277225201

Or visit their site www.equinenergy.com

Recommended reading:

Equine Acupressure: A Working Manual

~ By Nancy Zidonis & Amy Snow. (Known as The Equine Acupressure Bible amongst therapists.)

A Hotline to Your Horse: A Pressure Point System for Solving Muscle Problems

Shows how to use the pressure point system to relieve muscular tension

Visit our books page to read the reviews on these equine health books

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